Privately-Owned Trees

These are Live Oak trees that reside on personal property on Daniel Island, and not in public areas. These owners have registered their trees with the Daniel Island Historical Society, which has in turn registered the trees with the national Live Oak Society. If you have a Live Oak on your property that you would like to have documented by DIHS, please send us an email at THANK YOU!

“The Hamilton Smith Oak”

1421 Wando View Street

Circumference – 20’9″

Canopy – 88′


Live Oak Society Member # 7522

Owned by

The Noell Smith Family

“The Resurrection Oak”

246 Beresford Creek Street

Circumference – 10’1″

Canopy – 55’8″


Live Oak Society Member # 7523

Owned by 

Ellie & Bob Sauer

In honor of young school children everywhere.

“Amore est vires”

100 Barnaby Street

Circumference – 13’4″

Canopy – 97′


Live Oak Society Member # 7606

Owned by 

Shana McCabe

To my children, Benjamin & Nathalie…May my love for them help them grow as big and strong as this tree.

“Thorin Oakenshield”

1462 Wando View Street

Circumference – 12’3″

Canopy – 94′


Live Oak Society Member #7601

Owned by

Anne & Michael Compton

“Be pleased by the green of its shining, its shadow on the ground and the sound of the wind in it” (amendment of a poem by Wendell Berry).

“Pops’ Oak”

2025 Pierce Street

circumference 13 feet

canopy 86 feet


Live Oak Society #9513

owned by Patric & Valerie Ruppel

In honor of all our different grandfathers’ names.