Freedom Park Trees

Freedom Park is a City of Charleston park located behind Daniel Island School. The official address is 985 Barfield Street. For more on the park, CLICK HERE.

We have created adoption designation levels for each tree based on its circumference. Trees that are between 8′ and 12′ are ACORNS ($75  donation); trees between 12′ and 16′ are EVERGREENS ($100 donation); and trees 16′ and over are CENTENARIANS ($150 donation).

The minimum circumference requirement for registration with the national Live Oak Society is 8 feet


“The Freedom Oak”

Circumference:  14′ 7″

Canopy:  94″ 3″


Live Oak Society Member #7619

This tree was adopted in honor of Beth Bush, co-founder of the Daniel Island Historical Society, by the Daniel Island Property Owners Association . In turn Beth named the tree “The Freedom Oak” in tribute to the park’s name and in recognition of the end of the Civil War and the beginning of a promising new chapter in American history, as described by Mike Dahlman in his book “Daniel Island”:

“When word of the end of the war reached Charleston, (Private David) Sparkman (a Daniel Island resident) was part of a squad that began to spread the word and search for Confederate soldiers still in hiding. Dressed in the distinctive red pants of the 33rd, his squad attracted a throng of cheering citizens. According to Reilly family tradition (Sparkman’s descendants), each step they took resounded with a single word – ‘freedom.’ Freedom for Charlestonians, who were now able to accept the end of a war that had destroyed their city, and more importantly, freedom for all African Americans. As word reached Daniel Island, families banged pots, pans and scrub boards and sang. Women were waving long dresses in joy and celebration.”