Field of Honor an Explosion of Red, White and Blue!

An article in the current Daniel Island News sums it up perfectly….”A spectacular summer splash of patriotic colors is about to emerge just around the bend from Daniel Island’s Waterfront Park – and Ron Zumstein says if you haven’t experienced it yet, it promises to stop you right in your tracks.

“It’s an awesome display,” he said. “It will give you goosebumps.”

Zumstein and his garden army of Exchange Club of Daniel Island members will skip their typical Saturday morning routine and instead gather at an unassuming swathe of greenery off River Landing Drive on June 24.

They’ll be joined by, among others, teams of boy scouts, ROTC students, military personnel and civilians, who will begin the day peering down at the grass and pinpointing where to dig a hole.

But not just one hole. Give or take, 800 holes.

Those 800 holes will anchor 800 flagpoles which will bear the 800 American flags that will pay tribute to more than 800 honorees in the eighth edition of the Daniel Island Field of Honor. 

“It’s about family moments. They walk through and they just take it in,” Zumstein said.”

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