Daniel Island Park Trees

Daniel Island Park, located north of the I-526 interstate on Daniel Island and bordered by the Wando River, Beresford Creek and Raltson Creek, is home to some of the most magnificent Live Oak trees on the island. Those documented below are in public areas maintained by the Daniel Island Property Owners’ Association.

We have created adoption designation levels for each tree based on its circumference. Trees that are between 8′ and 12′ are ACORNS ($75 donation); trees between 12′ and 16′ are EVERGREENS ($100 donation); and trees 16′ and over are CENTENARIANS ($150 donation).
The minimum circumference requirement for registration with the national Live Oak Society is 8 feet.

“The Guardian Angel Oak”

Tree DIP-1

Circumference: 22′ 2″

Canopy: 102″


Live Oak Society Member #7428

Located at the corner of Island Park Drive and Delahow Street

Adopted by William Thielfoldt

“The Ittiwan Oak”

Tree DIP-2

Circumference: 15′

Canopy: 114′


Live Oak Society Member #7493

Located in Great Oak Park

Dedicated by DIHS to

The Ittiwan People and their descendants.

The Frek Klare Oak

Tree DIP-3

Circumference: 15′ 5″

Canopy: 77′


Live Oak Society Member #7490

Located on Hidden Bottom Lane

This beautiful and mighty oak has been dedicated to the late Fred Renee Klare (1947 – 2023) by the Daniel Island Historical Society in recognition of his steadfast service as a member of the DIHS Board of Directors. A Citadel graduate, Fred served the United States Secret Service for 21 years and the Central Intelligence Agency for 18 years. In retirement, he shared his time and talents as a volunteer for DIHS and several other organizations. DIHS was most certainly blessed by his presence and his passion for the history of both Daniel Island and the greater Charleston area. May this grand tree serve as a reminder of Fred’s impactful and far-reaching contributions not only to DIHS, but to our community and our nation.

“Maisie Leonard”

Tree DIP-4

Circumference: 15′ 7″

Canopy: 100′


Live Oak Society Member #7491

Located on Watroo Point St

Adopted by Valerie Miller

“Hugh’s Heritage”

Tree DIP-5

Circumference: 11′ 6″

Canopy: 87′


Live Oak Society Member #7492

Located on Gibbes Street

Adopted by Dane & Terry Earnheart

“Greene Family Legacy Oak”


Circumference: 9′ 8″

Canopy: 66′


Live Oak Society Member #7550

Located on Legge Lane

Adopted by Michael Greene and Kerry Snow in honor of Ed Greene