You’ve no doubt seen them as you stroll the Island….each DIHS created historical marker has basic information plus a qr code to access more information (including what’s here on our website). Now you can download (in pdf format) a guide book assembled by DIHS Secretary Kim Sermersheim….a terrific resource you can keep on your phone and consult as needed. To download Kim’s booklet CLICK HERE To visit the...

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Posted By on Jan 20, 2022

We have a “can’t miss it” opportunity coming up in February….a virtual behind the scenes tour of Charleston’s International African American Museum…our tour guide with be museum CEO Tanya M. Mathews! The Museum has yet to name a firm opening date….so this early look is a rare treat. We hope to see you February 15! !

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Posted By on Jan 19, 2022

And for a change, that phrase isn’t the punchline to a bad joke! From the South Carolina Historic Preservation Office (by way of DIHS co-founder Mike Dahlman) comes this story: Tax Credit Spotlight This month’s spotlight is the ca. 1839 George Miller building on Charleston’s King Street. During the 20th century, a previous owner inadvertently weakened the connections between the façade, sidewalls, and flooring systems. In April...

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John Young, our speaker Tuesday, January 18, wears many hats…most of them having to do with history. Since moving to Charleston almost a quarter century ago, John became part of the touring community, first as docent and education coordinator at The Old Exchange, later as a walking tour guide, and currently as Director of Operations at The Powder Magazine. He’s also a published author including A Walk in the Parks and his...

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MLK DAY 2022

Posted By on Jan 17, 2022

January 17, 2022, the third Monday in January, is being celebrated at Martin Luther King, Jr Day. In 1983, over objections from Southern lawmakers, President Ronald Reagan finally signed a bill creating the holiday into law and the first celebrations of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day took place in January 1986—although it would take another decade for states such as Arizona and South Carolina to follow suit. 2000 saw the full recognition...

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Before the Boston Tea Party, on December 1, 1773, the ship London arrived in Charles Town carrying 257 chests of tea. A meeting was called in the Great Hall of the Exchange regarding “UNCONSTITUTIONAL purposes of raising a revenue up us, WITHOUT OUR CONSENT”. To learn more CLICK HERE and for even more CLICK HERE. The Charleston Tea Party…The Or, you can join us at 7:00 pm, Tuesday, January 18 as John Young...

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