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And for a change, that phrase isn’t the punchline to a bad joke! From the South Carolina Historic Preservation Office (by way of DIHS co-founder Mike Dahlman) comes this story:

Tax Credit Spotlight

This month’s spotlight is the ca. 1839 George Miller building on Charleston’s King Street. During the 20th century, a previous owner inadvertently weakened the connections between the façade, sidewalls, and flooring systems. In April 2017, the City of Charleston declared the building unsafe. With a private investment of $4,600,000 and federal and state income-producing tax credits, the façade and the interior were rehabilitated with four apartments upstairs and a restaurant tenant downstairs. Bob Milani, property owner, attests to the benefits of the certified historic rehabilitation tax credit, “We wanted to protect an irreplaceable part of Charleston’s history. We also wanted to pass the building down to future generations of our family, but we didn’t possess the means to do a full historic renovation. The combination of state and federal historic tax credits was instrumental in saving this building and preserving one of Charleston’s iconic buildings. The SHPO office was very approachable — providing excellent technical assistance and support. Through this process we came to see that not only were we helping our family – but we were preserving and serving the community of Charleston through historic preservation. The state of SC should be commended for providing state historic tax credits and for the work the SHPO office does to support property owners in the application and rehabilitation process.“ For more information about tax incentives for historic properties visit

286-288 King Street before rehabilitation. Image courtesy of Bob Milani

286-288 King Street after rehabilitation. Image courtesy of Bob Milani

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