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More than a few of the folks attending our February 20 program “Bricks…Building Charleston’s Past and Present” expressed some surprise at how interesting Cary Briggs presentation was.  Obviously a lot of the credit goes to Briggs who made something as ordinary as bricks into a fascinating story. Briggs shared lots of interesting facts about bricks from the colonial era to efforts to bring the craft back to life though apprenticeship programs.

Did you know that the bricks used in the wall around colonial Charleston were made on site…and that the brick works moved along the path of the wall as it was built.

How about the challenges to brick making in the Lowcountry? The clay is too sandy and there are no lime mines nearby. The lime problem was solved by burning seashells for lime.

Just some of the interesting info you missed if you weren’t able to join us Tuesday night.

For more on Cary Briggs check out these links:  Crafted For the Past & Future (Charleston Magazine) 

and  Making New Bricks In An Old Style  (Post & Courier)





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