Who Are Our Tuesday Night Honorees?

Posted By Bill Payer on Mar 18, 2023 | 0 comments

DIHS board members Lee Ann Bain and Beth Bush have singled out three local historical figures to celebrate for Women’s History Month Tuesday night. How much do you know about their three choices?

Septima Poinsette Clark is by far the best known of the three. She was a seminal figure in the Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther King referred to her as “the Mother of the Movement.”

To learn more about Septima Clark check out these links:


Septima Poinsette Clark Biography.com

New Play Honors Legacy of Septima Clark DIHS blog.

Martha Daniell Logan was the daughter of Daniel Island namesake Robert Daniell. But more importantly she was a pioneering figure in botany and horticultural in 18th Century North America.

For more on Martha Daniel Logan, check out these links:

History of Early American Landscape Design National Gallery of Art

Martha Daniell Logan DIHS blog

Our third spotlight is on Gertude Sanford Legendre who lived a glamorous life as a socialite, world famous big game hunter, World War II spy and prisoner of war and Charleston society queen bee. For more on her fascinating life check this blog article,

High Life to Spy Life…and Back!

These three samples are just part of what you’ll learn about these fascinating women and their roles in local history. Join us at 7 pm, Tuesday, March 21 at Church of the Holy Cross Parish Hall, 299 Seven Farms Drive, Daniel Island.

Like all of our monthly programs it’s free and open to all. That said, we are dependent on membership dues to maintain our wide variety of programs in the community and local schools. You can join DIHS at the meeting Tuesday night or you can join online right now at https://dihistoricalsociety.com/membership-4/

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