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WHAT DO YOU KNOWWe have a winner. Actually, we have TWO! Alyssa Higley and Lisa McQueen-Starling each win a prize for correctly answering round two of What Do You Know?
The question: What is the name of the Native American tribe that was living on Daniel Island around the time that English settlers were arriving? Bonus: Do you know the original spelling of their name (hint: it is not how we spell it today.)
Answer: Etiwan, today’s spelling or Ittiwan or Ittywan, original spelling.
Here’s a bit more…..The Ittiwan Tribe once called Daniel Island home. The island was documented as Ittiwan Island in an English land grant dated 1675.
The tribe’s lands at one time encompassed the island, along with the land to the north on the Ittiwan River (present day Cooper River), to what is now Goose Creek. The first encounter with the tribe was noted by the Spanish in 1605. The Ittiwan inhabited the island until 1680, when they requested that the British give them land further upriver. Their request was granted and by 1715 a census noted the tribe had 240 members. Even though the Ittiwan tribe fought as allies with the English during the Yamassee War (1715-1716) and suffered few casualties, they slowly disappeared as a nation due to other tribal raids and disease. Historical records continue to mention the Ittiwan as a tribal nation up until 1751. Today, descendants of the tribe reside in the Carnes Crossroads/Wassamasaw area, which is located between Summerville and Moncks Corner.
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