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 Family Circle Cup Tennis Tournament

It’s time for another round of “What Do You Know?” THIS WEEK’S QUESTION:
The land that the Family Circle Tennis Center/Volvo Car Stadium sits on today was the site of this French Huguenot family’s plantation (their family name is also the name of their plantation). Can you tell us the name of the plantation?

Please email your answer to dihistoryquiz@gmail.com by March 29, 2017 and include your first and last name.

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Congratulations to our most recent winners: Carolyn Goff and John Pancoast.  The question they answered correctly was Who is Smythe Park named for and what was his relationship with the late Harry Frank Guggenheim, another former Daniel Island landowner? The correct answer must include both parts of the question.

Answer: Smythe Park was named for the late Henry B. Smythe, who was Harry Guggenheim’s attorney, close friend and confidant. Henry was born here in Charleston and would go on to law school at the University of Virginia. He would later serve in the Navy during World War II and the Korean War. When Henry returned to Charleston, he began to practice law at his uncle’s firm, which has roots dating back as far as 1826. Henry would serve as Assistant Corporation Counsel for the City of Charleston for 16 years.

He advised Guggenheim on the purchase of the Furman Tract in 1955. This land had been in the Furman family since 1878. This purchase would add over 1000 acres to Guggenheim’s land holdings on Daniel Island and would give him complete ownership of the island. Henry had a deep love of the island and its natural beauty. After Guggenheim passed away, Henry became the primary force in making sure that the development would reflect Harry’s ideals and desires. smythe park

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