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WHAT DO YOU KNOWIt was a tough question in the latest “What Do You Know” trivia contest but Pamela Miller and Ric Turkal are the winners of Jonathan Green posters.
Question: In 1696, there were eight landowners on Daniel Island. Can you name them?
Answer – Richard Codner, Captain Robert William, Jackson Abot, John Norton, John Morgan, James Hutton, Elias Clifford and Captain Robert Daniell.
Jackson Abot and John Norton: Abot, a carpenter, and Norton, a joiner, arrived in the colony from Barbados in 1670. They formed a partnership and worked the land on Ittiwan Island (Daniel Island today) until 1673. At this point, they had not received a formal grant which caused some controversy. A grant was issued to them in 1675.
James Hutton: Granted 70 acres in 1677.
John Morgan: Granted 140 acres in 1676.
Richard Codner: In 1680, Codner would purchase a 170-acre parcel and would be granted a 76 acre tract by the Lords Proprietors. Deeds show that he was a mariner, but later deeds would have him classified as “a gentleman,” which meant planter.
Captain Robert William: No information known at this point.
Elias Clifford: Known as a mariner, Clifford was granted 200 acres in 1692.
Captain Robert Daniell: A native of England, Daniell made his living as a ship captain and a merchant trader. He was first granted 972 acres of land on Daniel Island in 1696 and would later become the island’s namesake.
THIS WEEK’S QUESTION: Who is Smythe Park named for and what was his relationship with the late Harry Frank Guggenheim, another former Daniel Island landowner? The correct answer must include both parts of the question.
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