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Pamela Miller and Kandy Higley are the winners of Round Three of our What Do You know Daniel Island History Quiz. The winners get not only bragging rights but a Jonathon Green print.
Here are the Round Three question and answer plus a little more background….

gooseQuestion: The image of a Blue Goose was used by whom as a trademark? The Blue Goose is also a name of something else that was used here on Daniel Island starting in 1921. (The correct answer must include both parts of the question.)

Answer: The Blue Goose label was the trademark of the American Fruit Growers and the name of the company’s barge.

In 1921, American Fruit Growers acquired the truck farming business on Daniel Island from A.F. Young and Company. American Fruit Growers would invest heavily in the Daniel Island operation. The Mitchell Pier area (located near the present day “tree house” on Smythe Street) was expanded to include: a general store, a post office, a school and houses for the manager of the store and the captain of the American Fruit Growers passenger boat, the Blue Goose. The boat would carry passengers from Mitchell Wharf to Charleston’s South Street Wharf. The Daniel Island operation would produce two times as many potatoes and cabbages as other farms in South Carolina. The Blue Goose label was on every box of cabbage and bag of potatoes that left Daniel Island. Truck farming continued on the island until 1945 when the property was sold to John Maybank for $65,000.

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