Tracing Charleston’s History of Slavery

Posted By Bill Payer on Apr 11, 2024 | 0 comments

An excellent, in depth article in the New York times……

“A quest to find living descendants of 36 enslaved people has transformed into a project that gives Black residents new clues to their ancestry, wherever it may lead.

By Caroline Gutman and Emily Cochrane

Photographs by Caroline Gutman

Reporting from Charleston, S.C.April 11, 2024

When Edward Lee heard about a project collecting DNA from Black residents like him in Charleston, S.C., he had reason to be skeptical. Knowing that African Americans have been exploited before financially and in medical experiments, he feared that handing over his genetic identity could leave him vulnerable.

But he knew the people behind the Anson Street African Burial Ground Project, having worked with many of them before on similar efforts to preserve the region’s Black history.

And they came to him with a unique proposal: With DNA extracted from 36 enslaved people whose bones had been unearthed by a construction crew downtown, researchers were now searching for their living descendants.”

To read the entire article CLICK HERE This is “shared from an NYT subscriber so you should not encounter a paywall.

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