The Navy Base and Shipyard Made Charleston What It Is Today!

Posted By Bill Payer on Oct 17, 2023 | 0 comments

That’s the view of our speaker Tuesday night. And it’s a position he explained with knowledge, humor, passion and a wealth of facts! In fact, he feels it was a century worth of work ethic and world awareness that made possible the eventual recruitment of Boeing, Volvo, BMW and other large employers to the Lowcountry and South Carolina.

Compagna took the crowd on a journey that began with the Mississippian people through colonization, the Revolution, Civil War, “Remember the Maine”, World Wars I and II and tied it all into what is now the former Navy Base and Shipyard.

To view the video of Don Campagna’s Oct 17 presentation CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE for a history of the shipyard from Historic Charleston Foundation!

Greater Charleston Naval Base Memorial Learn more about this City of North Charleston project.

Naval Base History from the North Charleston website

What U.S, Navy activity remains in the Lowcountry? CLICK HERE

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