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Posted By Bill Payer on Feb 9, 2023 | 0 comments

The search for a suspected 17th century settlement by Scots near what is now Beaufort hasn’t turned up definitive information, but the archaeologist leading the effort, Chester DePratee, says he’s encouraged.

“On Feb. 4, DePratter hosted a symposium at the Center for the Arts of the University of South Carolina Beaufort to announce the results of his unusual urban dig. He told a packed house — some in tartan kilts — that his team had not found the remains of a dwelling, privy or fortification that would definitively establish the location of Stuarts Town.

But they did find shards of what is likely 17th century pottery on 11 properties. The accumulation of pieces, especially when nothing comparable has been discovered in Spanish Point, gave DePratter confidence his team was looking in the right place.

“We can conclusively say now that Stuarts Town is under Beaufort and not under Spanish Point,” DePratter told the crowd.”

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