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You probably know about Charleston’s abolitionist Grimke Sisters, but how much do you know about their nephews, Archibald, Francis and John? It’s a fascinating tale that could only happen in the convoluted legal world of mid 19th century America.

Lee Ann Bain has been the driving force behind the DIHS Historical Markers project, but she is also working on a special marker with the City of Charleston.  And she is asking for some help.

Here’s a message from Lee Ann:

“For those of you that have taken my Grimké Sisters Tour, you know that I share the amazing story of the sisters’ nephews, Archibald, Francis, and John Grimké. They are the sons of the sisters’ brother Henry and his enslaved women, Nancy Weston.

The Grimke Brothers

Born into slavery, Archibald graduated from Harvard Law School, was the US ambassador to Dominican Republic, President of the DC chapter of the NAACP and VP for the national chapter.

Francis graduated from Princeton and was one of the sixty people that signed the call to start the NAACP. These men were the next generation to fight for the rights of Blacks in America. The historical marker honoring these men has been approved. Now, I just need to raise the funds to have the marker constructed. Anything you could share would be greatly appreciated in helping to honor these amazing men.

Thanks so much for your help!

Lee Ann”

Donation Link:

For more on the DIHS Historic Markers project, CLICK HERE

And the links below include some fascinating information about Archibald, Francis and John Grimke

Archibald Henry Grimke   South Carolina Encyclopedia (a biography)

Francis James Grimke, Christian History Institute, (also a biography)

Slaves in the Family, New York Times, 2001 (a fascinating look at how the Grimke sisters became aware of their nephews)

A Family Divided  American Heritage Magazine 1957 (a fascinating look at how the Grimke sisters became aware of their nephews)

Archibald, Frances and John Grimke  2011 blog by Bill Grimke-Drayton (interesting take from a relative)

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