The “Ghostorian” Makes His Case

Posted By Bill Payer on Oct 18, 2022 | 0 comments

Bruce Orr has a pretty fascinating background….for homicide detective turned author and “ghostorian”. He made a terrific presentation Tuesday night to a crowd who was obviously fascinated by his presentation.

One of the more interesting parts of his presentation was explaining the circumstances of two cases where the actual existence of ghosts were recognized by the U.S. legal system….. first in a civil suit and later in a criminal trial. He also described in detail strange happenings at the Old Charleston Jail which is says is acknowledged as the most haunted place in town.

Orr says he approaches claims of paranormal activity with the detachment he would bring to homicide investigations but some times, in about ten instances, he encounters situations where someone or something is present….even if it can’t be explained its impossible to ignore.

For a lot more detail on Orr and his background go to a previous post here on the DIHS blog.

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