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Did you know Charleston had more than one ‘tea party’ of its own? From the Post & Courier:

“Charles Town’s first tea party occurred when Captain Alexander Curling’s ship London arrived in Charles Town’s port. Among the agents were Roger Smith and William Greenwood. Before the chests were unloaded, a meeting was called in the Great Hall over the Exchange Building “to take the sense of the people so collected, what would be absolutely necessary to be done in the present case”. The decision of the people in attendance at the meeting was that the men who were to receive the chests of tea “should be requested to enter immediately into a written agreement, not to import any more teas that would pay duties, laid for the unconstitutional purpose of raising a revenue up us, without our consent”. The men agreed not to accept the tea and on December 22, 1773, the tea was unloaded and taken to be stored in the warehouse under the Exchange, and no payment of duties was made. Satisfied, the citizens allowed the tea to remain in Charles Town only if locked away.”…/article_98f69c60-2066…

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