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John Young, our speaker Tuesday, January 18, wears many hats…most of them having to do with history. Since moving to Charleston almost a quarter century ago, John became part of the touring community, first as docent and education coordinator at The Old Exchange, later as a walking tour guide, and currently as Director of Operations at The Powder Magazine. He’s also a published author including A Walk in the Parks and his latest….The Charleston Tea Party.

John opened his presentation with a brief history of the Powder Magazine and then took the evening multimedia by playing a folk song on his phone. Revolutionary Tea by Diane Taraz (available on YouTube CLICK HERE) set the stage for him to share the tale of the much more famous Boston Tea Party.

Pretty clearly some 18th century fake news with a political motivation. Young picks up the narrative after a standoff of sorts….the tea has been sitting in the Exchange Building for weeks. For segment two of John Powers’ presentation on YouTube, CLICK HERE.

For a composite of MOST of John Young’s presentation, also on YouTube, CLICK HERE! We understand that these videos are incomplete and of less than Academy Award quality (vast understatement) but they do convey a good sense of the program

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