The Battle of Fort Motte

Posted By Bill Payer on May 16, 2022 | 0 comments

I had never heard of the Battle of Fort Motte until a front page article in the Post & Courier piqued my attention. Fort Motte was a Revolutionary War site in St. Mathews in Calhoun County. In May, 1781 Patriot troops captured a British-held fortified supply center deemed critical to the British effort to subdue inland South Carolina.

The Post & Courier article CLICK HERE highlights the role of Rebecca Motte who had been displaced from her home shortly before the battle. A longer, more detailed, article in the American Battlefield Trust website CLICK HERE downplays the Rebecca Motte role and disputes several claims of the P&C piece.

There’s another interesting site, The SC Picture Project, also worth taking a look at…and, not surprisingly given the title, it has a fair number of pictures. The concept of the project is also interesting. BTW, the Picture Project website tends to agree with the P&C regarding Rebecca Motte’s role.

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