Posted By Bill Payer on Jan 1, 2020 | 0 comments

Happy New Year from DIHS! Let’s get the 2020 pun out of the way immediately. History is hindsight and hindsight is 2020 so here are a couple of links to Post & Courier stories illuminating local history.

“Basically what we have now is a time capsule of American colonial life underground,” he said. “The foundations, artifacts, very little disturbance has happened over the years. It’s an interesting glimpse into American Colonial life.” Learn more in this story from the Post & Courier…..…/article_d78ff1d8-201c-11ea…

And South Carolina’s history regarding booze….making it, trying to prohibit it and, certainly, consuming it are part of another Post and Courier article entitled “Toasting a New Year as we recall SC’s booze battle”.

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