Slave Dwelling Project Book Discussed

Posted By Bill Payer on Jul 9, 2023 | 0 comments

“A new book, “Sleeping with the Ancestors: How I Followed the Footprints of Slavery,” is drawing attention to Joe McGill’s Slave Dwelling Project. Now in its 10th year, the project is McGill’s effort to raise awareness of the Black experience on historic plantations and other sites during the Antebellum period in North America.

He began the project at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, about 10 miles outside Charleston, then expanded it. McGill has spent the night in innumerable dwellings across the U.S. He does this, in part, to give voice to the voiceless — the enslaved people whose contributions over more than three centuries remain underappreciated and uncompensated.

The book, co-authored by Herb Frazier, explores this history and describes McGill’s efforts. On the occasion of its publication by Hachette, The Post and Courier asked McGill about his experiences.”…read the entire P&C article here. Non-subscribers will hit a paywall.

Both McGill and Frazier have done presentations for DHIS….McGill in January 2017… CLICK HERE for “Historic Preservation and 21st century Interpretations of Slavery”… and Frazier this past February… CLICK HERE for “Searching for Healing Truth”.

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