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Tuesday, May 16 at 7 pm — Church of the Holy Cross

299 Seven Farms Road — Daniel Island


The Daniel Island Historical Society


The Sacred Harp

An American Tradition of Harmonic Singing


Stephen Jones, facilitator

Members of the Lowcountry Sacred Harp


Unaccompanied, harmonic singing for musical education and social entertainment has been a part of American culture since the establishment of the colonies in the early 17th century.  Soon after the publication of the first song books in Boston, the syllables Fa, Sol, La, and Mi were associated with notes to teach the sight reading of intervals.  

By 1802, these syllables were associated with the these note shapes: 

LINK: More information about Shape Note Singing
What began in New England became popular and flourished in the southeast by the 1840’s. This tradition of Shape-Note singing survives as Sacred Harp singing across South Carolina, this continent, and beyond.

On May 16 Stephen Jones, facilitator for the Lowcountry Sacred Harp, and members of the group will share the history of shape note singing and quite possibly, an audience participation Sacred Harp singing!  


The Lowcountry Sacred Harp cordially invites DIHS members and guests to join them for an all-day Sacred Harp singing as part of the 2017 Piccolo Spoleto. 


    CLICK for Lowcountry Sacred Harp Information

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