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Lots of us are exploring family history. is both an example of the phenomenon  and a helpful tool for those pursuing answers about their forebears.  But how cool would it be to email a local historical society and ask for help finding the site of a centuries old family home?  RobtDaniell_portrait_byHenriettaJohnstonThat’s what Robert Daniell descendant Shirley Moon was able to do recently.  Moon reached out to Daniel Island Historical Society co-founder Beth Bush for help.  Beth enlisted her fellow co-founder Mike Dahlman.  Here’s Beth’s description of what happened:  “These are shots I took last Sunday on our Robert Daniell home site exploration – led by013500012678d7bd4cd0bcf2b1bf849dd06e2b8b08 DIHS co-founder Mike Dahlman in a wooded area along the Wando near the Daniel Island Sales Center. Joining the group was Robert Daniell descendant Shirley Moon (in red shirt), who lives in Georgia, and other family members. Shirley has been searching for the home site for years so we enlisted the help of Mike to assist in locating it for them. The area is completely overgrown now with brush, so it was difficult to find. But Mike says he does at least have an idea now of where it is. Also joining the crew for the first part of the exploration was DIHS Board Member Bob Sauer and his wife, Ellie.”

And here’s a lot more on Daniel Island’s namesake Robert Daniell.




  1. Would love to join a Robert Daniell Society as a descendant from Texas as a 10th generation grandson.

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      • _I’m trying to establish if this is my branch of the Daniel family.
        I just send through Isham Daniel born 1732. do you have any information on whether this would be his son. I have seen it on Ancestry and several different occasions but would like to know if others have any better verification thank you

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        • Patricia,
          I will forward your inquiry to our resident experts, Mike Dahlman and Beth Bush.
          Bill Payer for DIHS

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  2. I am visiting Charleston and I am a descendent of Robert Daniell. We tried to find the ruins after looking at the plaque. I was wondering if they were still protected through this becaise there is a building being worked on near the real estate center.

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    • Callie…..sorry I didn’t see this earlier…I’m guessing you’re no longer in town. I’m passing your comment on to one of our board members who is far more expert on this question than I am. (Bill Payer for DIHS)

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  3. Capt. Robert Daniell was my 6 times great grandfather. I had some questions about his connection to King Edward III, I’ve read that Daniell was his 10 times great grandson. If you have any sources on Daniell’s family tree I would appreciate it.

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