New signs highlight cemetery cleanup/preservation efforts

Posted By Bill Payer on Jan 26, 2024 | 0 comments

The Daniel Island Historical Society is proud to announce that we have created new signs to encourage folks to “honor and remember” the interred as they visit these sacred sites. The signs will be placed at Simmons Cemetery, Lesesne Cemetery, Grove Cemetery and Alston Cemetery. Cleaning up and helping to preserve cemeteries on Daniel Island has long been a project of DIHS. More recently we’ve expanded to similar work on cemeteries up the Cainoy peninsula.

DiHS cemetery efforts are currently led by Dick Porter and Kim Sermershein with an ever growing cadre of volunteers.

Porter says his group is motivated by the opportunity to preserve local history. “The Cemetery Committee believes our work is rewarding, strenuous at times, but becomes a lesson in history. Hopefully, our efforts will enable a deeper appreciation of our historic island by all residents and visitors.”

DIHS is grateful to the Daniel Island Community Fund for generously supporting this effort. For more information on our island cemeteries, visit

For more information on our island cemeteries, visit

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