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Chilly weather, a different day of the week and a different venue didn’t keep a full house crowd from finding our November DIHS meeting Thursday night at the DI Library.
We heard a fascinating presentation by Leigh Moring of the Historic Charleston Foundation about Revolutionary War General Nathanael Greene, sometimes known as the Savior of the South.
Some of the interesting points Morig shared:
• Approximately 25% of Charlestonians remained loyal to Britain during the Revolution.
• There were more than 400 skirmishes and battles fought in South Carolina.
• Greene, a native of Rhode Island was a Quaker. He was disowned by the pacifist group when he formed a militia in his home colony.
• Greeneville, SC and Greensboro, NC are both named after him.
• In 1780, he replaced Benedict Arnold as commander at West Point after Arnold’s treason.
• Charleston remained occupied by the British for 14 months after the Battle of Yorktown.
If you are interested in Morig’s book, click here for a link to the publisher

Also, we want to thank Tim Boyle and the Daniel Island Library for allowing us to use their space! Thank you.

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