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The Charleston Museum’s doing a great job of reaching out to people during the current shutdown. Here are two more offerings this week.

Live on Facebook at 11 am each day.

(Do you have a Zoom meeting at 11 am? Don’t worry, you can watch all of our Live videos on Facebook.)

Seaweeds and Social Distancing with Jessica Peragine, Curatorial Assistant of Natural History In the 1800s, some of the first marine algae collectors were soldiers stationed on islands and coastal regions, where they delved into the new hobby of collecting algae that washed onshore. The soldiers would dry, press and mount their algae into journals or onto small cards that they could trade like baseball cards. Learn more about the Museum’s fragile herbaria collection and the dried seaweed collected by Lowcountry naturalists and learn a new hobby that you can enjoy while social distancing at the beach.

Electrolysis with Ron Anthony, Archaeologist
From the ground to the display case, the Museum’s archaeologists take care of each object that they uncover. More often than not, metals that archaeologists discover are covered in rust and nearly unrecognizable. Thanks to some careful TLC and a process called electrolysis, archaeologists like Ron Anthony, are able to bring pieces of history back to life. Take a look behind-the-scenes with Ron Anthony to learn more about this process.

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