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There are probably as many stories behind the adoption of Daniel Island’s live oaks as there are trees that have been adopted. But the story below is truly powerful.

Frani Rollins tells us how she and her brother came to adopt a tree in Fallen Oak Park.

“My parents, Marilyn and Jim Geiger, moved to Daniel Island from Greenwich, CT two years ago. Greenwich is a place that cares very much about its trees and Mimi and Jimbo, as my folks are affectionately known, immediately fell in love with the Island’s live oaks.  When they learned about the Daniel Island Historical Society’s Live Oak Campaign, they immediately adopted four oaks at Fallen Oak Park, near their home on the park side of DI, one in honor of each of their four grandchildren who all love to play there.

This past holiday season, my brother and I were once again struggling to find a gift for our parents. What better gift than to return the favor, and name a Daniel Island live oak in Mimi and Jimbo’s honor?

To personalize the process while formal paperwork was finalized, we created an adoption certificate—duly “endorsed” in crayon by the four grandchildren. The certificate now holds pride of place in Mimi and Jimbo’s home.  And our family now has a special place on the Island—their “grove” at Fallen Oak Park—where they take family pictures each year and hope to make new memories for years to come.”

If that doesn’t have an impact on you check your pulse. And check out the certificate the grand kids made:

Personalized adoption certificate for “Mimi and Jimbo”
The Geiger and Rollins Families….photograph by Adam Chandler Photography

Want to know more about the DIHS Honoring Our Living History: Live Oak Campaign CLICK HERE

The above link takes you to an explanation of the program and a drop down menu showing neighborhood and trees that have been adopted or are still eligible for adoption. To check out the Fallen Oaks trees Frani Rollins mentions, CLICK HERE

Thanks again Frani (and your entire family) for sharing this heartwarming story with us!

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  1. What a fabulous idea and tribute
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