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The vice president slot on the Daniel Island Historical Society board is a critical role…the vp is in charge of scheduling/coordinating programs as well as being next in succession to the top slot.

With recent VP Chris Frisby moving into the President slot, it’s time to introduce you to Jamey Monahan. Here’s his bio:

Jamey Monahan grew up in a ramshackle Victorian home in Madison, GA – the town Sherman refused to burn. Over the course of his young life his parents renovated the home around him and into his teens he breathed history along with paint chips and sawdust. Some of his earliest memories are finding sepia pictures behind fireplaces and walls with his dad and rummaging through old flea markets for period furniture to restore. Referred to as “Mr. Liberal Arts” by his engineer father, Jamey got his undergraduate in Political Theory and American History at the University of South Carolina and a Master’s Degree in History at the College of Charleston.

Jamey Monahan

After finishing his schooling – but “not his education!” – he joined Benefitfocus in 2006 and has worked there since.

Jamey is raising two young daughters here on Daniel Island alongside his wife, Claire. Claire and Jamey had an hours-long discussion on Burr vs. Hamilton when they first met, sealing their fate and partnership immediately. They look forward to raising their daughters in Daniel Island.  They work daily to instill in them a respect and understanding for those who came before and a drive to learn from their mistakes to improve the future.

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