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Posted By Bill Payer on Aug 12, 2023 | 0 comments

As school boards and state governments increasingly want to filter out information about the struggle for Black civil rights, an innovative program launched by local nonprofit Charleston Civil Rights and Civics (C3) in partnership with Kids on Point and several community leaders across the state is putting kids in the midst of history and those who made it.

The teens in the program spent a week traveling to sits like Beaufort where they toured the Penn Center Museum.They took a walking tour of the Reconstruction Era National Historic Park. In Orangeburg they met prominent Civil Rights figure Cecil Williams.

“Cecil Williams, an award-winning Orangeburg photographer and prominent figure during the civil rights movement, said sharing this history is vital, especially as it continues to be tamped down.

“Unfortunately, social studies in schools is being minimized and not being fully a part of the curriculum that students are being

exposed to in their basic studies,” he told the City Paper in an exclusive interview. “I believe that’s a grave mistake. Our schools should include very heavily the history they themselves are the products of — it is a must.” To read the entire Charleston City Paper article, CLICK HERE.

To learn more about Kids on Point CLICK HERE

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