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Our kickoff program September 17 is going to be truly special. Not only will we get a sneak preview of the program Osceola’s Muse but we’ll have a discussion taking us behind the scenes of the creative effort.

We’ve already profiled one of our participants, artist Jonathon Green…this time we’re taking a look at Kris Manning.

Kris Manning

Many of you know Kris…Daniel Island resident, wife and Mom, entrepreneur behind Black Tie Music, rock drummer, one of the founders of the Art Guild of Daniel Island and all around vortex of creativity.

In the Osceola’s Muse project she is responsible for an art installation that is a key component of the immersive project. You may be wondering what is an art installation? Manning is taking a large interior space and filling it with a variety of mediums to evoke reverence, peace, thought, discussion and reflection. The space will be filled with paintings, sculptures and a live action character called “The Narrator” whose costume and facial prosthetics are also fabricated by Manning.

“My intention is to create a positive interactive experience that will bring to the forefront some of the questions we should be asking; Who were Morning Dew and Osceola? What happened to them and their people? What is the significance of the history of this place? I’ll be inviting the viewer into a space activated by auditory and visible art that will sweep them away into a special state of awareness. The impact of our ancestors is tremendous and we should all be aware of it and celebrate it.”

Check out this gallery of some of the art Kris is creating for the project.

Too keep tabs on Kris’ work on Osceola’s Muse (and the dozens of other projects she seems to always have going) keep tabs on her Facebook page.

You might also want to check out her website Feral Creative.

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