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We have an exciting first meeting of our program season coming up at 7pm, Thursday, September 27 at Church of the Holy Cross. 299 Seven Farms Dr.  

Our speaker, Citadel historian Gary Sinisi, will share a look at Charleston and the Civil War from the perspective of Magnolia Cemetery.  Should be fascinating!

Also on tap for Thursday night, Beth Bush will bring us up to speed on efforts to revitalize the Live Oak Adoption program and Community Outreach director Lee Ann Bain will share her latest program for area schools…introducing them to real life legend known as Dave the Potter.  And, if you know someone locally familiar with throwing pots, Lee Ann needs that info!  Here’s the plea she asked us to pass on: 

 We are starting a new program called “Dave the Potter” with the schools and the art teacher at DI is not familiar with how to “throw a pot”.
Do we have any potters out there that might be interested in helping with this project for the school?
If you are interested, please contact Lee Ann at

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