Into the Woods….

Posted By Bill Payer on Jun 13, 2024 | 0 comments

The June 13th edition of the Daniel Island News has an article on efforts to rediscover, restore and preserve a once lost African American cemetery on the Cainhoy peninsula.

“Archaeologist Luke Pecoraro took a step into the heavily wooded forest behind Philip Simmons High School.

His right hand gripped a suitcase.

His left hand clutched a machete.

With the blade in hand, Pecoraro and his archaeology team walked through a half mile of thick, unfamiliar brush, taking turns lugging the suitcase.

They dodged and ducked between limbs and branches.

The machete not raised once.

The team reached its destination amid a pocket of trees just between the school’s baseball stadium and a cluster of homes in Nelliefield Plantation.

They found it. 

A once-lost African American cemetery discovered more than a decade ago during the early stages of development in the Clements Ferry corridor.

A burial place for an unknown number of deceased. ”  

To read the rest of the DI NEWS article by Patrick Villegas CLICK HERE.

DIHS members have been very involved in the Nelliefield Cemetery project. CLICK HERE for more!

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