History Makes News!

Posted By Bill Payer on Jan 31, 2024 | 0 comments

I’m not sure I’ve ever lived anywhere else where local history routinely was routinely covered in local newspapers. Here are a few examples from Wednesday, January 31.

Philip Simmons is iconic here on Daniel Island but his fame and appreciation for the art of his ironwork is spreading as well. Great article in the DI NEWS by Reporter Emma Slaven.

Post & Courier columnist Steve Bailey looks at the problems the John C. Calhoun statue and the recovered Civil War submarine the CSS Hunley are having finding new and permanent homes. The issues include politics and cost.


You may remember Steve Bailey’s appearance at Our February 2023 program Searching for Healing Truth.

The P&C also had a front page story this morning headlined “Revolutionary-era site in Pee Dee could shed light on SC frontier life” by reporter Seth Taylor. The search for buried shreds of history is being conducted by the Archaeological Institute of the Pee Dee.

Please note that the Post & Courier operates behind a ‘pay wall’ and non subscribers may not be able to access these articles. You may find them more accessible via our Facebook page

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