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keithschoolflyerWhen Fred Lincoln and MaeRe Skinner spoke at our March 21 meeting about the “Historical Treasures of Cainhoy” they discussed the Keith School on Clements Ferry Road.  You have a chance to help  the Keith School Museum by participating in a crafts fair 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on April 15.  The museum is located at 1509 Clements Ferry Road.  As Fred discussed, the original structure was destroyed by Hurricane Hugo although the original foundation remains in front of the current building.  Fred talked about walking barefoot six miles to school everyday and being passed by a mostly empty school bus hauling white kids to their segregated school.  Clements Ferry Road was a dirt road until 1960, in part because the Gugenheim family wanted to preserve the rustic setting of their Cainhoy Plantation.  The attached gallery includes photos taken when David Cran and Bill Thielfoldt met with Fred and MaeRe early in March to discuss their presentation to the DIHS.

If you want to visit the Keith School Museum Facebook page click here.


  1. Hello, my name is Dr. Edward Keith, Jr. I am the grandson of Rev. Edward Keith who donated to land and had a hand in building the original school. I would like to see the museum open a few hours a week for tourist and tours.

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