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Have you heard about Sacred Harp singing?  Better yet…have you ever HEARD Sacred Harp singing?

You’ll get your chance to learn about Sacred Harp plus a chance to hear it at our May 16 meeting “An Evening of Sacred Harp Singing” (7 p.m. at The Church of the Holy Cross, 299 Seven Farms, Daniel Island).

You’ll also have a chance to join in.   Bet you didn’t know you already own your very own “sacred harp”.

The term “sacred harp” refers to the human voice — that is, the musical instrument you were given at birth.

Here are some links with lots more background to whet your thirst for our May meeting…..

For a good basic backgrounder on sacred harp (also known as shaped note) singing

For a youtube video on sacred harp  (complete with an annoying commercial you have to watch first ????

Website for the documentary Awake, My Soul

Lowcountry sacred harp website

DIHS calendar of events May meeting info

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