HAPPY 350!

Posted By Bill Payer on Apr 18, 2020 | 0 comments

What if it’s a 350th birthday and no one’s allowed to come to the party? Happy Birthday Charleston!

“Storm-weary and land-hungry, voyagers on the triple-masted Carolina stood on the ship’s deck and gazed at wind-swept sand dunes, lush shoreline greenery and waters teeming with fish as they slipped into what would become Charleston Harbor in April 1670.

The 130 or so free men and women, indentured servants and enslaved people on the vessel — the only one of three ships that originally set out and initially made it to a vast area that was simply called Carolina — undoubtedly wondered about the life-altering possibilities and pitfalls that awaited them as the ship entered the harbor’s mouth 350 years ago.”

See more in the Post & Courier

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