Posted By Bill Payer on Sep 28, 2018 | 0 comments

Fascinating information and an engaging presentation. That’s what you missed if you weren’t able to join us for our first DIHS meeting of the 2018-19 program year. Citadel historian Kyle Sinisi walked us through a Civil War look at Charleston from the perspective of Magnolia Cemetery. Dr. Sinisi highlighted prominent “residents” of Magnolia in categories including politicians, generals, intellectuals, Ft. Sumter connections and, of course, Citadel alumni. A couple of fun facts about Magnolia: it is the second largest resting place of Confederate veterans in the country and it was the first private cemetery in the area. When it was founded in the mid 19th century it was designed, in part, to slow down the use of precious downtown real estate for church related cemeteries.

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