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We’ve told you about Lee Ann Bain’s efforts to spread the word about the Grimke nephews of the more famous abolitionist Grimke Sisters. A recent blog post here our website has lots of information including links to Lee Ann’s fundraiser to pay for a historical marker and more background on the brothers.. CLICK HERE

Thursday’s Post & Courier has a front page article about Lee Ann’s campaign to pay for the historical marker and how she’s scheduled special tours as part of the project.

“Charleston tour guide Lee Ann Bain will offer her Original Grimké Sisters Tour on May 29 and 30, with all proceeds going to the funding of a historical marker to Archibald and Francis Grimké, the nephews of abolitionists Angelina and Sarah Grimké.Reservations can be made at http://grimkesisterstour.com/ Direct donations to the marker can also be made via Bain’s Facebook fundraiser at https://www.facebook.com/donate/4184404114905530/

For the entire P&C article CLICK HERE (non-subscribers will encounter a paywall)

Archibald Grimké (left) and Francis Grimké (right) were nephews of abolitionists Angelina and Sarah Grimké of Charleston. A marker to them and their activism will be placed on Coming Street at the site of their childhood home, which is no longer standing. Photo provided to Post & Courier

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