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The struggle to maintain the integrity of historic burial sites on the Cainhoy peninsula continues.

The latest issue DIHS is working on, with many other groups, is Old Ruins Cemetery and what appears to be adjacent burial sites of black people that could date to the 1800s.

Not surprisingly, two of the leading local advocates are MaeRe Skinner and Fred Lincoln….each of whom has worked with DIHS before.

DIHS co-founder Beth Bush chronicles the ongoing battle in the current Daniel Island News:

“According to Skinner, as part of the deed requirements on the property, Oak Bluff is obligated to replace the existing Old Ruins Cemetery fence, which was erected some 30 years ago, with a new black, 6-foot aluminum fence, as well as a new gate. That has yet to happen, but when it does both Skinner and Lincoln would like to see the two burial grounds joined together. “What we want to do is connect them,” Lincoln said. “… And put them under the same protections as we go forward … This would reflect the time of what’s going on today, rather than what happened then (when Whites and Blacks were buried in separate cemeteries).”


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