Facts & Figures about South Carolina’s 235th Anniversary of Statehood

Posted By Bill Payer on May 23, 2023 | 0 comments

There’s a ton of information available on the US Census Bureau’s website….including about the birthday of South Carolina statehood.

From the Guide to 2010 State and Local Census Geography – South Carolina – History:

The area of South Carolina was part of the original territory of the United States. Both North Carolina and South Carolina were included in the charter that established Carolina in 1663. The two areas separated in 1712—a separation that was finalized when the Carolina Colony was dissolved in 1729—with generally the same shared boundary as the present states. However, they did not settle on a final boundary until 1813. South Carolina ceded area to the United States to assume generally the same boundary as the present state; the ceded area became part of the Georgia and Mississippi Territory in 1802. South Carolina ratified the U.S. Constitution on May 23, 1788; it was the eighth of the original 13 states to join the Union.

Census data for South Carolina are available beginning with the 1790 census.

For lots more information, visit the Census Bureau website CLICK HERE


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