Eliza Lucas Pinckney….a Founding Mother

Posted By Bill Payer on Feb 28, 2024 | 1 comment

Mark your calendar…..

March is Women’s History Month and the Daniel Island Historical Society will celebrate it with ““RAISING REVOLUTIONARIES: Eliza Lucas Pinckney and Her Sons” at 7 pm,  Tuesday, March 19  at the Church of the Holy Spirit Parish Hall. (formerly known as Church of the Holy Cross)

Her sons, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney and Thomas Pinckney, were both among the Founding Fathers. Charles signed the Declaration of Independence.  Thomas negotiated the treaty with Spain that assured our new nation the right to navigate the Mississippi River.  Each ran unsuccessfully for vice-president with the Federalist Party.

But Eliza’s contributions to local history go beyond motherhood and arguably outweigh those of her sons.

Her family owned three Lowcountry plantations…which Eliza took over management of as a teenager when her mother died. (Her dad was Britain’s Lt. Governor of Antigua).  Teen Eliza is widely credited as the driving force behind indigo becoming second only to rice as a cash crop in the Carolina colony. 

That was a key factor in her being the first woman inducted into the South Carolina Business Hall of Fame in 1989.  She joined the South Carolina Hall of Fame in 2008.

But here’s a clue how important Eliza was in her own time.  At her 1793 funeral, one of her pallbearers was President George Washington.

Our March 16 speaker will be Faye Jensen, CEO Emeritus of the South Carolina Historical Society. Please join us.  The program is free and all are welcome!

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