Dinner With a Side of History

Posted By Bill Payer on Jan 20, 2023 | 0 comments

Dinner with a side of history! What a concept.

From the Charleston City Paper….”Farm-to-table dining is now quite common, but chef Kevin Mitchell wants to bring history to the table with his Chef Scholar supper club.

The suppers honor Black chefs who helped build the foundation of what we know as Lowcountry cooking: Nat Fuller, Edna Lewis, Eliza Seymour Lee, George E. Johnston.

“I would like to think the people who come to these dinners want to come to eat a great meal, but also are coming to be educated on who these people were in the history of Charleston food,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell teaches at Trident Technical College’s culinary program, so he is used to using food as instruction.

The idea for the dinners sprang from a dinner Mitchell planned with food historian David Shields in 2015 honoring Nat Fuller. Fuller was a slave trained by free Black pastry chef Eliza Seymour Lee. He negotiated a kind of freedom from his enslaver and went on to become Charleston’s top caterer and the owner of The Bachelor’s Retreat, the city’s fine dining restaurant during the Civil War.”

See the entire article…https://charlestoncitypaper.com/…/chef-mitchell…/

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