DIHS Projects Receive Awards of Merit!

Posted By Bill Payer on Apr 10, 2023 | 0 comments

The Daniel Island Historical Society has a wide array of programs intended to further our mission statement:  “To preserve and promote the rich and unique history of both Daniel Island and the greater Cainhoy Peninsula for the benefit of the community by engaging in advocacy for historical preservation and sharing the area’s “story” with both residents and visitors.”

Some of those projects like the historical markers along Island trails are very visible.  Others like programs supporting local schools…..Philip Simmons Art Shows, History Trunks, Dave the Potter, etc…are less visible but just as important.

We’re proud of our programs and how they help our community.  Thus it’s all the more gratifying when our projects are recognized by others.

The Confederation of South Carolina Local Historical Societies (CSCLH) has informed DIHS we are recipients of two Awards of Merit.  We are being recognized for our oral history program, The Cainhoy Collective, and also for our extensive and ongoing work to help restore and maintain local cemeteries on the Island and the Cainhoy Peninsula.

The Awards of Merit will be presented at the CSCLH annual Landmark Conference Friday, April 14.  For more details CLICK HERE.

The Cainhoy Collective: Oral Histories of Life on the Cainhoy Peninsula is project to collect living history in the words and memories of those who have lived it. Working with the College of Charleston Department of History we, through the field work of research interns from COC, have already collected nine interviews which are in the process of transcription. For a comprehensive look at this program and how YOU can help it succeed, CLICK HERE! To see our application that won this Award of Merit CLICK HERE

While oral history projects seek to capture the voices and memories of the living, our area’s many cemeteries can also speak eloquently about the legacies of our Island and the Cainhoy Peninsula. That’s why we’re pleased that our ongoing efforts on behalf of local cemeteries has also been chosen for an CSCLH Award of Merit. There’s a wealth of information about our local cemeteries on our website. CLICK HERE,

To see the application CLICK HERE.

And finally, an unabashed and shameless pitch for your support. Programs like our two award winners, and all the rest, are supported primarily by the dues of DIHS Members. In other words, they can’t happen if you’re not a dues paying member! How can you become a member? That’s easy. CLICK HERE.

And a special THANK YOU! to all of you who are already dues paying DIHS members!

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