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If you’re reading this it indicates you care about our mission of discovering, sharing and preserving Daniel Island History. And we need your help!

As a volunteer you can help us reach that goal.

What do we need help with? Glad you asked.

Love local history and giving back to the community? To assist DIHS in achieving its mission and goals for the future, we are looking for volunteers! Check out the list below to see if your skills might be a good match for our needs. But no experience is necessary – just enthusiasm! We’d love to have you join our team!

MEMBERSHIP CHAIR – Leadership position with oversight of Membership Committee

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE – We need 1-3 individuals who will assist Membership Chair in planning member-only events, maintaining our membership roster, communications with new members, checking members in at meetings, and outreach to newcomers to the Daniel Island/Cainhoy peninsula area.

FUNDRAISING/GRANT WRITING COMMITTEE – A group of 1-3 individuals who can help us come up with fun ways to generate income for DIHS, including applying for grants to support our organization.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH COMMITTEE – Love working on educational projects that help or engage with our community? Join this committee! We have a wonderful Community Outreach Chair (Lee Ann Bain) who would lead this group. Lee Ann handles all of our activities at local schools, our historical marker program, and other outreach endeavors, including our soon-to-be-launched “Cainhoy Collective” oral history project on the Cainhoy peninsula. This committee would assist Lee Ann as needed.

PROGRAMMING COMMITTEE – This group of 2-4 individuals would serve under our Vice President of Programming, Mike Dahlman, in planning our educational programs and special events.

CEMETERY CHAIR – This person would work with the Daniel island Property Owners Association to ensure our local cemeteries are preserved and maintained. He or she could occasionally organize clean-ups (as needed) and serve as a liaison with the community on matters related to cemeteries.

LIVE OAK CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE – We need 1-2 individuals to assist our Live Oak Campaign Chair, Mark Haebig, in measuring newly adopted Live Oaks on both private and POA-owned properties, recording information about the trees, taking photos of trees (a cell phone camera is fine), and printing certificates for adopters. 

Please reach out to us at dihistoricalsociety@gmail.com

Thank you!

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