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There’s some fascinating work going on at the Lesesne Family Center (just off the Wando behind the Tennis Stadium. Dick Porter, who serves on the DIHS Cemetery Committee and has been doing extensive work there (one of our History Hero recipients) tells Beth Bush that the company “Graveyard Shift” is working on behalf of the Lesesne family to restore some of the broken tombstones. Dick is assisting with the project. To do the work, they must actually dig up and remove the broken stones, repair them and re-place them into the earth. Quite labor-intensive work!

Also of interest…in conducting their work at the site they discovered a stone that had been completely buried and not previously visible (at least in modern times). There’s a picture of the stone in gallery below.  Inscribed on the stone is “ANNE F. PARKER -My Mother.” It is not known how old the stone is, but guessing it goes back quite a long time.

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