Celebrate Veterans Day By Learning Their Stories

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From American Heritage Magazine…..

This Veteran’s Day, please pause to remember the courage and sacrifice of those who fought to preserve our freedoms. Here are just a few of my favorite articles in American Heritage about veterans who served our country:
Agony and Triumph at Anzio“by Flint Whitlock
God, Please Get Us Out Of This” (the author was trapped in the USS Oklahoma at Pearl Harbor), by Stephen Bower Young
No One Returns Alive”, by James P. Duffy
The Meaning of Tet, by Victor Davis Hanson
Bob Dole and the Nazis’ Brutal Last Stand in Italy“, by Edwin S. Grosvenor
“The Bitter Triumph of Ia Drang” by Harry G. Summers Jr.
O’Hare’s Last Flight” by Alvin Kernan
Agony of the Lost Battalion, by Edward G. Lengel
“TwoHours in Hell at Pearl Harbor” by Ed Offley
“Why The Civil War Still Matters, by James M. McPherson
“I Learn a Lot from the Veterans” by Stephen E. Ambrose

Please share these important essays with friends and on social media. And consider a donation to help American Heritage tell more stories like these.       —Edwin S. Grosvenor, Editor        editor@americanheritage.com

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