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We’ve been posting quite a few articles recently dealing with the effort to save development from intruding on what are believed to be black burial sites adjacent to the Old Ruins Cemetery. DIHS has been active in support of the local residents fighting to preserve those graves.

Here’s a collection of links to those articles.

From the Preservation Society of Charleston, May 10, 2021 “Cainhoy Peninsula Subdivision Development Halted to Protect African American Burials”

From The Daniel Island News, May 12, 2021 “Developer directed to halt construction after discovery of potential graves”

From the Post & Courier, May 6, 2021 “Citing likely graves, DHEC stops work on Oak Bluff site in Cainhoy”

Statement by Charleston City Councilwoman Marie Delcioppo on Facebook, May 5, 2021 CLICK HERE

From the Daniel Island News, March 21, 2020 “Old Ruins Cemetery advocates push Oak Bluff developer to protect burial grounds:

From the Post & Courier April 9, 2021 “How new development in Cainhoy threatens historic burial grounds”

WCSC LIVE5 NEWS reported on April 28, 2021 “Community works to protect Cainhoy burial grounds”

And for an early perspective, here’s a Daniel Island News article from July 25, 2018 “A grave situation?”

And for some perspective on the real estate development involved in the controversy, check out this 2017 article from the Charleston Business Journal “Long-planned Cainhoy development moves forward”

As always, please note that non-subscribers to the Post & Courier will hit a paywall.

And our Zoom meeting May 18 will focus on the Cainhoy Cemetery battle… for details CLICK HERE

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