Behind the Seams…Finding History!

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That’s where our Tuesday, April 16 speaker took a full house crowd at the monthly DIHS program.

Virginia Theerman
Charleston Museum

Our guide on the journey “Behind the Scenes: Charleston’s Fashion History” was Virginia Theerman, Curator of Historic Textiles for the Charleston Museum.

Theerman walked us through how silhouettes, textiles and construction changed over the centuries in
Charleston and elsewhere.

One of the early stops on her tour was with Eliza Lucas Pinkney. She was well known for her influence on developing the indigo trade in South Carolina. But Pinckney also labored for years trying to establish silk as a cash crop. She was ultimately unsuccessful.

Theerman highlighted changes in both women’s and men’s wear that occurred over the two and a half centuries of the Charleston Museum’s existence.

Fun trivia fact:: when working with historic garments, including displaying them on mannequins, she uses entomological pins. Normal sewing pins would leave too large a hole in fragile garments.

In addition to Theerman’s presentation, we also had cake, cookies, and lemonade to celebrate Island namesake Robert Daniel’s 238th birthday..

As always, President and Co-founder Beth Bush kicked off the evening with info ranging from a trivia quiz to a run through of future programs and events. To watch video of her presentation on YouTube CLICK HERE. And the slides Beth used are the slide show below!

We’ll upload the video of Virginia Theerman’s presentation as soon as possible.

Want to learn more about the Charleston Museum?

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