Behind the Scenes at St. Clare of Assisi

Posted By Bill Payer on Jun 5, 2023 | 1 comment

DIHS wants to offer a HUGE thank you to Fr. Gregory West for his terrific behind the scenes tour of St. Clare of Assisi Church Monday, June 5.

Fr. West gave us background on the significance of St. Clare and then showed us the magnificent features of the new church built in her honor! Daniel Island is blessed to have this inspirational presence on the island!

Father West ended his excellent presentation with a demonstration of the church’s organ.

For more background on the church check out these previous blog entries…..

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  1. What a beautiful church! And praise God, you have the need to build a church for the People of God on Daniel Island. You are truly blessed to be able to afford a new church, given all that has happened in the church for the past two decades. But the church is for the people, and, praise God you are in a building mode — not just with structures, but, you are building up the Body of Christ through your participation in the life of the Church! Bravo! May the good Lord bless you as a parish community on this new house of worship.

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